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I am such a huge fan of the work of Sally Harless – browsing through her Etsy shop never fails to cheer me up! My fascination started last year with her calendar, featuring Animal Pasttimes – including knitting narwhals, elephants farming, and a bear contemplatively completing a paint-by-number. Amazing. And this year, I’m enjoying her calendar of Animal Adventures – featuring penguins flying high in a hot air balloon, a band of foxes sailing the open sea, and a group of curious owls touring deep sea in a submarine.

Her whimsical style is presented so powerfully through ink and watercolor, with very calming muted colors and really beautiful fluid lines. And her art always evokes a very powerful emotion in me, and at the same time makes me laugh, which is so wonderful!

Visit sadlyharmless.com to learn more about Sally and view more of her beautiful artwork, and become a fan on Facebook!

Sadly Harmless artwork Caribou Moon


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