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I am such a huge fan of the work of Sally Harless – browsing through her Etsy shop never fails to cheer me up! My fascination started last year with her calendar, featuring Animal Pasttimes – including knitting narwhals, elephants farming, and a bear contemplatively completing a paint-by-number. Amazing. And this year, I’m enjoying her calendar of Animal Adventures – featuring penguins flying high in a hot air balloon, a band of foxes sailing the open sea, and a group of curious owls touring deep sea in a submarine.

Her whimsical style is presented so powerfully through ink and watercolor, with very calming muted colors and really beautiful fluid lines. And her art always evokes a very powerful emotion in me, and at the same time makes me laugh, which is so wonderful!

Visit sadlyharmless.com to learn more about Sally and view more of her beautiful artwork, and become a fan on Facebook!

Sadly Harmless artwork Caribou Moon


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I’ve joined a team on Etsy, Boston Etsy! I’m so excited to network with other local craftspeople! It’s great to have this targeted community for support and to bounce ideas off of – I was so pleased to find out about it. I can’t wait to see where this all takes us as time goes on.

I created a treasury showcasing some really gorgeous holiday/winter-themed pieces created by Boston Etsy team members. Enjoy! Now off to make more holiday peppermint acorn ornaments!! 🙂

Boston Etsy team treasury


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Thanks for stopping by my little blog, where I’m going to post notes on handmade designs that strike my fancy or intrigue me, as well as updates on my own needle-felted creations, challenges, and successes.

I only started needle felting about four months ago (geez, only four months?!). I stumbled across these videos and immediately fell in love. I had always seen needle felted items on Etsy, but never knew how it was done. Now that I’ve picked it up, I can’t put it down!

Needle felting is done by taking carded wool and poking it repeatedly with barbed needles of varying shapes and sizes to achieve desired shapes and textures. The more time you spend needle felting a piece of wool, the tighter and more formed it becomes. The entire process, from forming basic shapes to attaching pieces together to form more complex figures, is done by poking wool with needles. It may sound repetitive, but it’s a lot of fun and a huge stress reliever!

I love working with wool, and my mind is always racing with new ideas for figurines, ornaments or home decor. This fall I had a lot of fun in particular making all different types of pumpkins in varying shapes, sizes and colors. For the winter and holiday season, I’m having a blast working on ornaments (especially my peppermint acorn ornaments!) and items for display, such as pine trees or little animals in winter garb.

I have a shop on Etsy (I LOVE ETSY!). I am in there every day, several times a day, so if you’d ever like to inquire about a custom order or multiples of an item you see listed, just send me a convo and I’ll respond right away!

I really love being a part of the Etsy community, and am excited to learn as much as I can from fellow sellers and become more involved in the handmade movement.

So! In this blog, I plan on writing about needle-felted projects I’m working on, as well as other handmade vendors or items that I admire. And if you have thoughts on needle felting or fiber arts, definitely shoot me an email at reginalynch1@gmail.com and let me know!

Thanks again for stopping by! ❤

Felt Shmelt

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