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Ok it has been WAY too long since my last post – shame on me – but that just means now I have loads of updates and new things to talk about! Huzzah!

My cousin John looooves dinosaurs, so my aunt asked me to needle felt some figurines for him – I got them done just in time for his birthday! And he loves them, woo!

Here are some pictures of the finished dinos – John named them Momma Sharptooth, Chomper, Bron and Spike. How very fitting!

I’m definitely planning on making some of these guys for my Etsy shop – especially the stegosaurus, he was a lot of fun to put together.

Needle felted dinosaurs

Needle felted tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs

Needle felted stegosaurus dinosaur

Needle felted brontosaurus dinosaur


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Ok, whoa – Jacob sheep? I had never seen one before, until an Etsy customer asked me to create custom figurines of them for her family (they have a farm complete with Jacob sheep) – they are AMAZING looking!! And, they apparently have the personality to boot – my customer says they’re more like goats than sheep, and are very sweet. See some awesome photos at this site about Jacob sheep.

And here are the figurines I created – I know I’ve been saying this about pretty much every needle felting project I work on, but these were REALLY fun to work on! Especially the horns. I think I’m going to make more just for fun, now that the holiday rush is subsiding.

Jacob Sheep needle felted figurines

Jacob Sheep needle felted figurines

I always love making sheep figurines – kind of a tribute to my needle felting source!

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…And I just shipped out my last holiday order of the season! Now time to start on holidays 2K11… ; )

I’ve been working on some really great custom orders, people have such great ideas! Lots of dogs – I’m thinking of creating some figurines of popular breeds, to A) get more experience creating dog figurines and B) have a collection of dog figurines by breed available in my Etsy shop! Dog lovers unite!! Nothing against the kitties though – I’m creating a cat figurine for a friend right now, actually! Photos of her to come in the near future.

My boyfriend Greg’s favorite dog figurine I’ve made so far is this little cocker spaniel ornament – it’s modeled after a customer’s coworker’s dog (she was giving it to her as a holiday gift, which I was so psyched to be a part of!):

Cocker spaniel needle felted figurine ornament

Cocker spaniel needle felted ornament figurine

And then here are some pet figurine ornaments, created for a wonderful return customer – with these guys, I tried to make their fur look fluffier to mimick the breed (Bichon Frise) while still maintaining a sturdy structure.

Bichon Frise needle felted ornament figurines

Bichon Frise needle felted ornament figurines

You can’t really tell in the photos but I was pleased with how the eyes came out – I’ve been really working on more realistic animal eyes, and I think including little white flecks to mimick a reflection (while avoiding a cataract-like look!) makes the difference.

If you have photos of custom pets you’ve created for people, please do share! I’d love to see what others are working on!

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I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Mine was very relaxing – spent some quality time with family, ate too much pie… the usual. : )

I’ve also been happily busy, working on orders for the holidays – I’m so excited that people are liking my peppermint acorn ornaments! Those are a lot of fun to make – kind of methodical after awhile. And the colors keep me festive and excited for the holidays.

Speaking of holiday decor… how awesome is this felt doily by plytextiles?

felt doily from plytextiles

I can definitely see this in the center of a big old rustic pine table, or as a base for a little winter display next to the Christmas tree.

I am experimenting this weekend with some new items, in between finishing up some custom orders. I’m trying out some new things with magnets and am excited about some new trees I’m working on. And I can’t wait to make some more birds and mice, I want to get a good collection going in my shop!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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