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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! I hope everyone gets a good healthy dose of love and affection today. Etsy has some great love stories to mark the occasion that really got me in the spirit – it’s so great to hear about the wonderful relationships and passion people have for others, or even for their craft!

Needle felted hearts home decor

I know it’s Valentine’s Day but I’m feeling more of the Thanksgiving spirit today – I keep thinking about how grateful I am for my wonderful boyfriend, who is such a support and always encourages me to keep being creative, our wonderful dogs, our wonderful place, our wonderful families and friends. Wonderfulness abounds! And everyone has someone or something they hold dear – so today especially, hold that person, place or thing a little dearer, and whisper a quiet little thank you, to let him/her/it know how special they are to you.

Needle felted flowers roses in vase home decor


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