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Ok, whoa – Jacob sheep? I had never seen one before, until an Etsy customer asked me to create custom figurines of them for her family (they have a farm complete with Jacob sheep) – they are AMAZING looking!! And, they apparently have the personality to boot – my customer says they’re more like goats than sheep, and are very sweet. See some awesome photos at this site about Jacob sheep.

And here are the figurines I created – I know I’ve been saying this about pretty much every needle felting project I work on, but these were REALLY fun to work on! Especially the horns. I think I’m going to make more just for fun, now that the holiday rush is subsiding.

Jacob Sheep needle felted figurines

Jacob Sheep needle felted figurines

I always love making sheep figurines – kind of a tribute to my needle felting source!


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I love the message behind this Etsy Storque blog post from back in October. It’s so great that there’s a strong effort to generate awareness of the many possible applications of wool. As they say in the post, wool isn’t just for Christmas sweaters!

To paraphrase the post, wool’s a great alternative to synthetic materials – eco-friendly and naturally grown, durable, warm and soft. But many of the world’s sheep farmers have been forced out of business as wool prices continue to suffer a downward trend.

A material like this is so easy to take for granted, without giving thought to where it comes from and how it’s produced. Think of how often you use wool – and think of new ways to use it, so we can continue to enjoy this great material!

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One of the first needle felting projects I worked on was a pair of bulldogs, Bella and Pearl. You can see more photos than the ones below in this listing. I love the challenge of mimicking the shape, position and expression of a pet or animal and always strive to get the likeness as close as possible.

Bella and Pearl needle felted bulldogs

Bella needle felted bulldog

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